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In these TWO sessions, I'll provide you with clear and concise steps and tools—most of which are free to get —to launch your podcast immediately. I'll guide you through each step, starting with the basics, like turning on your computer!


I'll cover everything, from the required items (computer, microphone, etc.) to recording, basic editing, downloading, uploading to your host, and distributing it on major platforms.

How it works.

Session one: 

Welcome to what we coaches call Unconscious Incompetence - you don't know what you don't know. We will discuss the software products you need (good news, most is free!), hardware purchases, and host accounts to get you ready for session two. 

Session two:

Now that we have the pieces in place, we go step by step - learning how to use the recording software (recording, editing, exporting) and other tools to make your sound clear. 

Next, upload it to your host site.

Lastly, get your podcast on all the major platforms. 


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