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Together we discover your life's purpose by facilitating self-reflection, setting actionable goals, and creating a system of accountability for your progress.


By overcoming obstacles and encouraging the exploration of new experiences aligned with your personal interests and values you will be on your way to living the life you are meant to live. 

More clarity and a productive mindseT



Feeling stuck? I'm here to help you break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back. Whether you're aiming for better relationships, a new career, or that promotion, coaching can transform your journey to success. Say goodbye to just existing and hello to a life of purpose and fulfillment.



Guidance, and strong accountability. No fluff or self-deception here. I'm your dedicated advocate who believes in your potential, even in self-doubt. With unwavering commitment, I'll empower you, unlock your capabilities, and drive you toward your goals.


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Lee J

"What I like about Mike is that is is very easy to be around and speak to. He really wants to help. He's very personable and brings humour to the situation that really puts you at ease.   I've not only worked with him, but have seen him work with others and it's fascinating to watch how people respond to him." 


Joel S

Michael R 

"Mike has been instrumental in helping me focus with in business, personal life and in sport. With his Guidence he helped me realign my goals with great encouragement. Checking in and monitoring my progression with honest feedback. Mike is a great guy and has been vital in me reaching my goals in various areas of life. Can't thank him enough."

"Mike has been coaching me for years. His qualifying questions continue to motivate me.  His extensive athletic background brings a fun competive edge to life coaching."


Donald N 

"Mike is such a positive person who is a great life coach. Mike just doesn't encourage you, but he takes the time to help you overcome fears or obstacles that may bring you down. He teaches you to stay positive and believe in yourself." 

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