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Improve Your perception of Yourself  and Your interactions with the world


Discover My Story

As a former college football player and coach, my life took an unexpected turn following a major motorcycle accident and eventual battles with anxiety and panic disorder that plagued me into my adult life. It caused low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence. These experiences have not only tested my resilience but also deepened my commitment to personal growth.

Today, I leverage my journey of overcoming obstacles to support others facing similar challenges.

If you're seeking a coach committed to dedication and transformation, look no further. My coaching services are tailored to boost your self-confidence, help you navigate through life's challenges, and facilitate your personal and professional growth. I warmly invite you to reach out and begin your journey of self-discovery and steadfast resilience with me.


What I like about Mike is that is is very easy to be around and speak to. He really wants to help. He's very personable and brings humour to the situation that really puts you at ease.   I've not only worked with him, but have seen him work with others and it's fascinating to watch how people respond to him. 

Lee J 

Mike has been instrumental in helping me focus with in business, personal life and in sport. With his Guidence he helped me realign my goals with great encouragement. Checking in and monitoring my progression with honest feedback. Mike is a great guy and has been vital in me reaching my goals in various areas of life. Can't thank him enough.

Joel S

Mike has been coaching me for years. His qualifying questions continue to motivate me.  His extensive athletic background brings a fun competive edge to life coaching.

Michael R 

Embark on a Journey Towards Enhanced Self-Assurance

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